How to contact Netent for various reasons?

Netent is a premier game development company having offices in Europe, Malta, Gibraltar, Asia and the Americas. Presently, it partners more than 200 online casinos and if you wish to look up at those partners, please click this link> . In 2019, Netent acquired Red Tiger Gaming.

Spread out all over in the world

Netent;s corporate headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden. Should you wish to write a letter to it, you can send it to Netent, Vasagatan 16, 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden. This company is also a phone call away. The phone number is +46857854500. More information is provided here>

The Group CEO of Netent is Therese Hillman. She took over this role in 2018. Prior to this, she was the CFO of Netent. Hillman was the driving force behind Netent's acquisition of Red Tiger Gaming.. To write to her, note her address given in the preceding paragraph.


Our acquisition of Red Tiger

In 2019, Netent announced it was taking over its much acclaimed rival, Red Tiger Gaming for 220 million GBP. This acquisition made many commentators sit up and take notice as this was the first of its kind for Netent. Follow up on this story at

Looking for investors

We are constantly looking for people who'd like to invest in our company. Post the acquisition of Red Tiger, we expect our share prices to go up.Our revenues will also grow significantly. If you are an investor, please write a mail to us at [email protected]

If you'd like us to invest, contact us

As a world leader in igaming, we think it is Netent's responsibility to grow and develop the small players in our industry. They need support in technology, funding, markets, and acquisition of customers. Reach out to us if you need funding. Please write to us at [email protected]

Get news and info from us

When we are not rolling out great products, we are busy updating our existing ones.Which of our products will be a world beater? Stay tuned by sending us a message at [email protected] and we promise to send you regular updates on what's going on at Netent.

Work for Netent

Netent has a great team working day in and day out rolling out great games. This team comprises great designers, animators, creative writers, psychologists, physicists, maths wizards, experts in statistics, business analysts, and people in sales. Want to join this exceptional team? Write to us at [email protected]

We are always looking out for exceptional people. If you think you have the desired skills, please contact us. Why don't you walk into our offices one of these days and chat with us over a cup of hot coffee? Give us a call at our offices listed below.

Become our business partner

Watch your sales reach the sky by becoming our business partner. We have more than 200 online casinos as our partners and this number is growing every day. Our games are entertaining, and have RTP. Reach out to us by writing an email at [email protected]

We are spread all over the world.

Our offices are in Gothenberg, Kyiv, Krakow, and London in Europe. Our North America business is looked after by our office in Hoboken, United States. Netent Gaming is also present in the Isle of Man ( through Red Tiger Gaming), Malta (registered office) and Gibraltar.